Toronto Real Estate Forecast 2017

Toronto Real Estate Forecast 2017 – Boom or Crash?

It’s one of the interesting times for home buyers and sellers and one where all previous real estate forecasts are outdated.  Everyone is wondering whether a Toronto housing bubble is about to burst?  Below you’ll see those factors that support the Toronto housing market forecast and here, you can investigate the downside crash factors.

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With Canadian consumer debt at record highs, huge mortgages taken out at record low rates, and a stagnant employment outlook, there does seem to be some legitimate concerns. Yet if record low mortgage rates continue and the economy rolls along, the Toronto real estate forecast might be healthy for years to come. For regions like York Region, Oshawa, Mississauga, Oakville, and Central Toronto, the price pressure is immense.


Image courtesy of CBC — Hot Toronto Market Means Spending More

What do your realtor and local politicians say is happening in your local market and will occur in 2017? I’d like to know. As we progress to 2017, emotions are going to run high as critical factors reach a high pitch. Could the Toronto economy collapse if home prices fall 20% (loss of taxes for governments among other fallout).

Below is an updated look at the real estate market in the GTA. Recent trends in September show prices are rising faster than even a few experts predicted. Will this be the excuse the government is looking for to upend the market or is demand for single detached homes simply too strong?