By: Roy Boni

Outlook 2018

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Enter Blog Post Here Greater Toronto Area 2018 forecast: prices up 6.8 per cent; weighted average price rises to: $901,392 2017 forecast: prices up 10 per cent; weighted average price: $793,000 “While the condo market should continue to see price growth from high demand, buyers looking at detached properties in the first quarter will be able to ask for conditions, have a muc...Read More

By: Roy Boni

How to Sell in a Buyers Market For 2018


5 tips for selling a home in a buyer’s market Roy Boni June 2, 2017  MORTGAGES     Home sellers take note: Buyers are gaining more leverage. In many real estate markets during the last three years, sellers have wielded more power than buyers. That’s still the case, but now buyers are choosier, homes are staying on the market longer, an...Read More